Peer-Reviewed Publications 

Jackson, Joshua L., and Douglas B. Atkinson. 2019. “The Refugee of my Enemy is my Friend: Rivalry Type and Refugee Admission.” Political Research Quarterly 72(1): 63-74. Replication materials.

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Williford, George W., Joshua L. Jackson, and Douglas B. Atkinson. “Rivalry Maintenance and Militarized Compellent Threats.” Forthcoming at Journal of Global Security Studies. 

Working Papers and Under Review 

“An Issues Framework for Rebel Alliance Formation.” Under Review. 

“Refugees, Rivalry, and Repression: The Effect of Interstate Rivalry on Preemptive Repression of Refugees.” With Naji Bsisu, Douglas B. Atkinson, and George W. Williford. Under Review. 

“The Decline of Territory and the Rise of Civil War in Understanding MIDs.” With Gary Goertz, Andrew P. Owsiak, and Paul F. Diehl.

“Introducing the Issues in Civil War Dataset.” With Krista Wiegand and Eric Keels.

“Testing the Steps to War: A Sequencing Approach.” With Andrew P. Owsiak, Douglas B. Atkinson, and Rebecca Buechler.