Welcome! I am a PhD candidate at the University of Georgia. My research concerns primarily civil (i.e., intrastate) conflict, but also investigates international (i.e., interstate) conflict and its connections to civil conflict. I am especially concerned with two broad questions. First, in domestic conflicts, how do the issues under dispute affect the conflict processes that we observe? (How do varying issues that rebels are fighting for affect how civil wars are fought, what they look like, how they end, etc.?)  Second, how do rebel groups’ characteristics affect their interaction with each other? (What leads to rebel group cooperation vs. conflict?)

My published work appears in Political Research QuarterlyResearch & Politics, and Political Science Research and Methods. Links to these publications, as well as their replication and supplemental materials, are on my Research page. This page also contains more details about my research topics.

If you have comments or feedback about my research — or wish to get in touch with me — please feel free to contact me at joshua[dot]jackson25[at]uga[dot]edu.